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Pipeline Dryer


Pipeline Dryer is the final drying apparatus in our PET bottle washing line. Using high heat to dehydrate moisture from the PET flakes, this continuos drying apparatus is strategically placed after the dewatering machine where moisture levels are initially reduced to approximately 20-30%. The thermal dryer reduces moisture levels further to below 1%. 

Work process:

Pipeline Dryer use hot air to dry the PET flakes, much like a hair dryer. After dewatering, the PET flakes are vacuumed out by a transport blower and mixed with hot air traveling through a long set of stainless steel tubing that winds back and forth. As the PET flakes mix and spin around within this lengthy transport tunnel, moisture is effectively dehydrated. Ending with a cyclone separation apparatus where cool air is mixed in, residual moisture is further reduced. The cyclone separator is the last stand against any dust and fines within the material stream.

Depending on the capacity of the PET bottle washing line, the use of one thermal heater is usually enough. However, to ensure the lowest possible moisture levels, some PET washing plants may request the use of two or even three thermal spiral heaters that are positioned in a row.

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