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Waste Metal Plastic Circuit Board Sorting Machine


The color sorting machine selects metal, plastic and circuit board according to the color, mainly selects the color of metal, plastic, circuit board, plastic, impurities and color particles to achieve the effect of preferred metal, plastic and circuit board. 

Product features:

1.High-Definition and high-sensitivity chromatic CCD image sensor, together with an industrial wide-angle lens for accurate recognition;

2. Adopt the international first-class optical lens; the articulation up within 0.07 mm2 can recognize a subtle chromatic aberration and tiny flaws.

3.By using high-speed parallel data processing chip, real-time efficient image acquisition, and processing system, greatly improving the color separator working efficiency. High-quality image processing algorithm.

4. Adopt international advanced image processing technology, can effectively identify small to 0.1 mm of tiny impurities, color choose higher accuracy, color choose than lower brought out.

5. Convenient computer operating system could save many different sorting modes for clients in order to suit different materials.

6. Unique LED lighting system, Equipped with the LED light source, and to ensure the high-definition image quality, can meet 1000 kinds of color separation, identify color changes.

7. Fan self-adaptive working temperatureļ¼Œensure color separator in the high-temperature environment also can work normally.

8. The incomparable eliminate accuracy, more perfectly sorting out finished with a defective; high resolution, big material nozzle; High frequency, long durability, and long service life.

9.Easy for clients to install in the factory. Unique double-layer belt-type design could finish all the processing procedure at one time and only need one elevator.


Product Parameters:

Sorting accuracy (%)>99.98>98
Optimized carryover(bad :good)9/1>8/1
Voltage (V)~220(50Hz)~220(50Hz)
Power of main machine (kW)62
Air Pressure (MPa)0.6~0.80.6~0.8
Weight (kg)15001350

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